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It is crucial that young people with a disability receive the support required to participate in the workforce as early as possible to drive effective long-term employment outcomes and maximise the benefits of improved standards of living and social inclusion that come with employment.

- (Deloitte Access Economics, 2011)

Initial Appointment

 Initial appointment between Denise and a client

Our first appointment is an opportunity for you and your parent / caregiver and I to get to know one another. We’ll work through and complete paperwork and then book in the next appointment which will more than likely be a Career Coaching Session.

Career Coaching Session - Coaching Young People for Success

This can be 1:1 or with your parent / caregiver present if you would prefer. The “My Life & Career Pathway Plan” is a career toolkit and I am a certified Coach/Leader in delivering this to clients. I’ve been using this fabulous resource for several years and have seen nothing but positive shifts in hope and motivation as a result.

It creates a framework for us to follow along with self-discovery and goal setting & action plan for the time in which we work together. It also identifies the need to collaborate with other service providers in order for you to achieve your short and medium term goals. For more information visit http://www.coachingyoungpeopleforsuccess.com/

Learner Driver Support Sessions

I believe all young people should obtain their Driver’s Licence as soon as they turn 16. Considering it’s not until they turn 20 that they are free of all restrictions, the sooner they start this process the better. Many occupations command a licence, some a manual licence so I am passionate about providing support for those who need that little bit of extra help to pass the Learner Driver Test at Service SA.

In partnership with Doug Pryde, a highly experienced and regarded local, we will be offering group sessions in the Seaford/Moana area. More information to follow but please register your interest now.

Geared2Drive - This valuable program is now available out of Studio 20 (formerly the Volt Youth Centre) at the Aldinga Central Shopping Centre. Volunteer Mentor Drivers are being trained to take out Learner Drivers in order to gain their log book hours for only $10 per session. To make or discuss a referral, contact clientg2d@hypa.net.au. To become a Volunteer Mentor Driver, contact volunteerg2d@hypa.net.au.

Resume / Cover Letter

A strong resume is essential for competitive job searching. When a cover letter is requested, it’s important to capture the essential requirements of the advertised position. Using a variety of templates, I can support you to write a winning job application.

Interview Skills / Preparation for the workforce

It’s really important to be well-prepared for an interview. I have great tips and can arrange a mock interview with a professional from most industry areas to help better equip you to be calm and confident at your interview.

Support to find a training course

Denise helping a client search for training courses

Finding a suitable course can be overwhelming, particularly with some attracting Govt. funding and others not. I have 10 years of experience in working in the VET Sector, including a qualification to Train & Assess in Community Services. Simplifying this entire process is something I can support you with.

Apprenticeships & Traineeships

An Australian Apprenticeship, commonly known as an apprenticeship or traineeship, is a learning pathway that combines paid on-the-job training and formal study with a Registered Training Organisation. It’s a great way to gain a nationally recognised qualification while earning a wage working in under an employment, rather than have to choose one over the other! Starting an Apprenticeship or Traineeship whilst still at school has many advantages. I have first-hand experience at setting up ASBA’s (Australian School Based Apprenticeships) with the support of an Apprenticeship Broker (assigned to all DECD school), an Apprenticeship Support Centre and DES Provider (Disability Employment Service).

Choosing a Disability Employment Service or ADE (Australian Disability Enterprise)

Mid way through a students’ final year at school, they can link with a DES Provider of their choice. Having worked in this sector for 5 years, I can support students and their families in choosing the most suitable service provider. There are many to choose from and this can be an overwhelming process. The Employment Consultant will meet with the student either weekly or fortnightly at school or their local office, to discuss employment goals and can help with interview / workplace clothing, fuel vouchers and wage incentives for prospective employers. They also support with any workplace modifications required via the Job Access website. The EC will continue to support the student beyond school, making sure goals are achieved or re-assessed depending on the circumstances.

An Australian Disability Enterprise (ADE) is a not-for-profit organisation, with charitable status, which provides meaningful employment for people with significant disability. It is a business that makes products, or provides services. It is usually run by a not-for-profit organisation, but it is still expected to make a surplus after paying all its costs, including staff salaries. So, an ADE operates in the same way as other businesses, but there is one major difference. An ADE employs people with disability, and its employees are supported in their work.

'Supported' means that there are support workers available to give the employees any assistance they need with their tasks. For example, an employee with learning difficulties may need regular reminders from their support worker about how to do a task. Support workers are also paid employees of the ADE. To be eligible to work in an ADE, you must be receiving a DSP (Disability Support Pension) from Centrelink. For more information, visit https://www.jobaccess.gov.au/

Preparing for the NDIS

Denise helping a client prepare for the NDIS

The National Disability Insurance Scheme will be fully rolled out in South Australia by 1 January 2018. With ‘Choice & Control’ being the driving message behind the scheme, it should set the scene for people with a disability, eligible for funding via the scheme, to have the ultimate say in what services they choose to meet their individual goals and needs.

As a parent currently working through this system, I can appreciate how confusing the NDIS can be but through my networks, I am able to provide you with tips and advice to hopefully simplify this process. There are preferred ways for families to manage their NDIS funding that I have advised to recommend and wording to use and not to use in Plan Management meetings that I am happy to pass on.

Please note that as a Provider, I can work with you if you are Plan or Self-Managed but not if you are Agency Managed. For more info on NDIS, please visit https://www.ndis.gov.au.

Work Experience & Voluntary Work

The best way to gain an understanding about a particular job or industry area is to go and experience it first hand. For students still at school, this can supported by staff and insurance covered by the Education Department. Employers need reassurance that the young person comes with insurance as well as knowledge of Work Health & Safety which is a component of the Year 10 SACE subject, Personal Learning Plan in most schools. Registering as a Volunteer in a workplace is also a fabulous way to gain insight and understanding about a job or industry area and as a Volunteer, you are considered a staff member although not paid and therefore, covered by insurance and supported with any Clearances required and other out of pocket expenses. Voluntary work often leads to paid employment with that organisation. Why employ someone else when you are already there, proving to be an essential member of staff? For more information about Volunteering, visit the Southern Volunteering (SA) Inc. website.

How often will we see one another & where?

Our appointments will be either weekly or fortnightly depending on your situation. I don’t have an office, instead, I will come to you eg/ School, Library, your home or local Cafe depending on your individual needs.

Holistic / Person-Centred Support

My career service is holistic and person-centred. This simply means if the support you require is outside of my capacity, I will contact other agencies within my vast networks in order to connect you to this support. I don’t always have all of the answers but I will go out of my way to link you to those who do have the capacity and expertise to help.

I’m super passionate about moving people onwards & upwards towards their goals and dreams. If you decide to contact me for career support, please be prepared to take action to achieve your goals as this is YOUR journey.